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So easy to use - the FreshFeet Exfoliator only requires soap and water.

When you use the FreshFeet Exfoliator with soap or anti-bacterial soap and water for just 20 - 30 seconds on each foot, the scrubbing action exfoliates the dry, dead skin cells – reducing the amount of dry dead skin cells that can mix with the sweat, and with which the bacteria can interact  – hence reducing the foot odour problem naturally. Mini-Massage for Each Foot that You’ll Love.


Every Day!

After just a few days using the FreshFeet Exfoliator, your feet will really love the daily invigorating mini-foot massage that helps blood circulation and stimulates and invigorates. And all it takes is just 20 - 30 seconds exfoliating on each foot as you shower or bath each day!

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Unique Ergonomic Design Features of the ORIGINAL FreshFeet Exfoliator.

The FreshFeet Exfoliator is purpose designed with ergonomically shaped curves to specifically clean the entire foot. The video shows how the different surfaces of the FreshFeet can be best used to clean the sole, the heel, ball, and arches of your feet, and also the correct finger grip for better control and most effective use to overcome smelly, stinky feet.

Most importantly – the FreshFeet has a unique fin that makes cleaning in-between your toes easy, effective, and stress free.

The special high quality fabric cleaning pad has a woven pattern with just the right level of low-abrasive contact, so that it gently exfoliates the dry, dead skin cells, without causing irritation or damage to the skin. It is also long lasting, anti-bacterial and mould-resistant.


Save Money - No Expensive Lotions or

Scrubs required.

With the FreshFeet Exfoliator, there are no requirements to buy expensive foot lotions, gels, or scrubs of any kind. Why wash loads of good money down the drain, every week, every year! Just wet the FreshFeet pad and rub on a little soap (or antiseptic soap), and you are ready to start the gentle scrubbing motion to the soles of your feet.   

And don’t worry about those hard to get to places in-between your toes – that’s now so easy with the slim, purpose designed fin. The ergonomic shape of the FreshFeet Exfoliator is also designed to follow the natural contours of the feet, and the foot-arch, so your feet are quickly and easily cleaned, and the skin gently exfoliated in 20 - 30 seconds on each foot.  


Safety First – Support Yourself.

For SAFETY always use your free hand to support yourself, do not balance on one foot. Wet tiles or a wet bath surface is naturally slippery, so always support yourself with your free hand, and stand on a rubber mat if you have one.

For full instructions please view the demonstration video at the top of the page.


Medical Recommendations.  

WARNING: If skin on feet is broken or cut, or tinea (athlete’s foot) is present, seek professional advice and treatment. When feet have returned to normal, proceed to use the FreshFeet product. People suffering from Diabetes or PVD (Peripheral Vascular Disease) are recommended to seek medical advice before using this product.

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