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"To whom it may concern"

Re: "FreshFeet Exfoliator"

Mr Baden Powell presented the new "FreshFeet Exfoliator" for review, on the 20th of July 2012. From its original design there have been some design changes necessitated by development agreements.

The product retains its innovative style; it is ergonomic in its well moulded hand grip for easy utilisation. The faces are contoured to contact all desired surfaces of the foot for ease of exfoliation. The design of the anterior finger for cleaning interdigitally is excellent, enabling gentle separation of the toes without aggressively forcing them apart. The cover is well designed to exfoliate without being too abrasive.

I am impressed with the marketing information which has been developed to accompany the device. It is informative and it is beneficial to provide the information in another language. Good luck in the future with sales and distribution.

Yours sincerely,

Jeff Peters
Jeff Peters Podiatry
Nedlands, Western Australia.


"To whom it may concern"

Re: "FreshFeet Exfoliator"

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the original FreshFeet Exfoliator.

The changes you have made to the ergonomic lightweight design and interdigital "fin" style pad all appear to work well together. The pad is well designed to be abrasive without being too abrasive, a particularly important aspect for feet with compromised circulation.

Good luck with this product Baden, I wish you well.

Kind regards,

Dr Suresh Sivacolundhu BSc.(Pod.)BSc.(Biol.)MAPodA
Director/Senior Podiatrist
The Foot Clinic


"I wasn't quite sure what to make of FreshFeet when it was given to me as a gift."

"But I finally decided to give it a go in the bath.  Excellent move!  It has now become my favourite bath accessory!  

It was really easy to hold and felt good on the soles of my feet, but what really won me over is the way it fits between my toes. I don't think I've ever actually really cleaned between my toes before, as that's a tricky place to clean. 

My toes love the way it feels and I love the way it feels! I'm now quite addicted to it and am going to buy a few for my friends as presents.

FreshFeet looked a little strange to me at first, but I now believe it is a  really well designed product.  I know my feet smell better but what I most enjoy is how it makes my feet feel.  Like I said, it's my new BFF in the bath. Thank you!"

MW (name withheld) - Mandurah, Western Australia.



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