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Tips for Feet Care.

As well as using your FreshFeet Exfoliator in bath or shower on a daily basis, here are some simple things you can do help keep your feet fresh and healthy, and help reduce foot odour.

Try using antibacterial soap with the FreshFeet, and always dry your feet thoroughly including between your toes.

Always wear a clean pair of absorbent socks - choose natural fibres like cotton, not synthetic fibre socks.

Don’t wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row – alternate shoes on different days.

Choose leather shoes, leather breathes naturally, compared to shoes and joggers made from synthetic materials which don’t breathe well.

If you use joggers, use a second pair on alternate days, to give them a chance to dry out.

When at home, take your shoes off and go barefoot for some of the time, giving your feet a refreshing break from shoes and joggers.

Choose to wear sandals occasionally when you have the opportunity.


Did you know that up to 50% of ALL people have a problem at times with smelly feet? 

In fact even the most hygiene-attentive people can still suffer the problem of smelly stinky feet. Why? Because normal washing in the shower or bath is inadequate - compared to gently exfoliating the soles of your feet and in between your toes with the unique FreshFeet Exfoliator as part of your daily foot care.  Better still, it takes just 20 to 30 seconds on each foot. See the video for a demonstration. 


Why Ladies Love the FreshFeet Exfoliator.

When ladies start using the FreshFeet Exfoliator with soap and water, they quickly realise how easy it is to use as part of their daily shower health and beauty routine – also giving their feet a tingling mini-massage, which increases healthy blood flow to the feet. 

Ladies generally take more time and care on personal grooming than males. They are also more aware of skin and exfoliate products like scrubs, clays, and face masks; so they already know how exfoliating really deep-cleanses dry flaking skin cells, giving the skin a vibrant healthy glow. 

Just 20 – 30 seconds of brisk action with the FreshFeet and ladies are fully confident the skin on the soles of their feet, and in between their toes, are extra fresh and clean.  With FreshFeet, the daily, naturally occurring old dead skins cells are gently exfoliated away.

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FreshFeet helps men who often have a major foot odour problem.

Men are very physically active, at home or work, playing sport etc, often spending long periods on their feet resulting in very smelly or stinky feet. Also, genetics can play a part, as male foot odour can often be much, much stronger than female foot odour. Now you can help the man in your life reduce that over-powering foot odour with daily use of the FreshFeet Exfoliator – he’ll thank you for the extra daily freshness.


FreshFeet helps teenagers experiencing foot odour and hormonal changes.

Teenagers, both males and females, can often have foot odour problems which can increase as they develop physically and undergo hormonal changes. Again, adding the FreshFeet Exfoliator to their daily shower or bath routine will greatly reduce the embarrassing problem of foot odour. Younger children can also have their own FreshFeet Exfoliator, one for each member of the family.


How Much Do Your Feet Sweat?

Your feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the human body. Some people’s feet simply sweat more than others, creating more fluid and therefore a greater bacterial build up.  Modern shoes and synthetic joggers can also add to the sweat problem. The synthetic materials used in many of today’s foot-ware don’t ‘breathe’ like natural leather. Nylon and other types of synthetic woven socks don’t allow sweat to evaporate as efficiently as natural-fibre cotton socks. The FreshFeet Exfoliator can help to greatly reduce this problem – plus see our Tips to Reduce Foot Odour.

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Common Sense Precaution.

Due to the personal hygiene nature of the FreshFeet Exfoliator we urge you to use our product with common sense precaution until you are sure how the product works (please view the demonstration video on the Home Page of this website.

FOR SAFETY, always use your free hand to support yourself. Do not balance on one foot. Just watch the demonstration videio - the FreshFeet Exfoliator is easy and simple to use.

WARNING: If skin on feet is broken or cut, or Tinea (athlete's foot) is present, seek professional advice and treatment. When feet have return to normal, proceed to use the FreshFeet Exfoliator. People suffering from Diabetes or PVD (Peripheral Vascular Disease) are recommended to seek medical advice before using this product.


How long to use the FreshFeet Exfoliator for?

Please note: Many people have successfully used the FreshFeet Exfoliator over an extended period of time and this may vary from person to person. However, we recommend the product be used for at least 12 months before considering replacement.



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